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MindTamers Mastermind Mingle

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Have you heard of a mastermind group but don’t really know what it is all about? Yearning for a Mastermind group and not quite sure how to attract the right people? This social event introduces you to the concept and its benefits. You will learn how to choose a complimentary selection of individuals with which to mastermind; the optimum number of participants; effective methods for using the time together; optimum frequency of meetings and ideas for discovery. Meet a variety of individuals who are also interested in mastermind principles. You will be expected to submit a picture and short biography using the template provided after registration. When the mixer begins, introduce yourself, describe your most daring adventure, state your reason for seeking a mastermind group, and tell what you hope to gain. Expect to leave with a group that will serve your needs.

Instructors: MindTamers Facilitators

Duration: 1 session

Session length: 3 hour/wk

Price: $130

Format: Live social event

Minimum Number of Participants: 6

Materials: Included

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