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January/February 2009 Newsletter

Resolutions: Reality Check

Three steps make the di

January is a month when individuals resolve to change and do a better job with respect to some facet of their life. Today I want to challenge you to take one step further in this process than will most of the well-intentioned resolution makers. Let's cover three basic steps that will truly make a di
fference if you want
to make lasting changes in your results.

To begin, you must understand what is responsible for your results. What comes to mind when you ask yourself, "What is the primary factor responsible for my results?"

Write down the first answer that comes to mind. If you wrote down anything similar to "what I do is responsible for my results" or "if only (fill in the blank with any external circumstance) my results would be di
fferent" then you need to
alter your basic understanding of how we achieve the results we attain in our lives. This question is answered in almost every keynote, seminar, coaching program or consultation provided by the professionals at MindTamers.

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